Little Miss Assassin, Smoke Girl


Gerik (Brother)


Onora is able to blend in with her surroundings


Brown hair, light grey eyes, 5'8, 140lbs

Home Territory

Silver Falls, MD-2, Ixia


Security Chief



Onora is an Ixian Assassin and works for The Commander of Ixia.

Biography Edit

Onora is a 20 year old assassin from MD-2. She first enters the study series in The Commander's room, with a knife to his neck. It is quickly revealed that she is looking to take Valek's job. Valek tells her that if she demonstrates her abilities, cunning, resourcefulness, intelligence and proves she is loyal, trustworthy and willing to die for The Commander then she may have the job. He claims that with another year of training she could beat him in a fight but that there is more to a fight in his job.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Onora's father left her family a year before her mother died from lung cancer. After her mother died, she and Gerik lived with their aunt for six years. After her aunt and the baby died in childbirth, her uncle kicked them out, so they joined the military. Onora was training "in the ranks" of Ixia when Captain Timmer raped her. She escaped him and left to find Hedda to train her to become an Assassin.

Appearance Edit

Onora is 5 foot 8 inches. She is 140 lbs and has light grey eyes. She has brown hair, braided into a single plait behind her head. She never wears shoes because her feet are better trained to be silent when she can feel what's underneath them.

Personality Edit

Onora is strong, fierce and independent. She is also kind and caring, even though she can quite often come off as cold and unemotional. However, it is hard to say much more about her, as she is incredibly good at hiding her emotions.