Map of Sitia and Ixia.

Ixia is to the north of Sitia and more militaristic, being ruled by a single Commander. Citizens are required to wear uniforms and are assigned jobs. They must obtain a permit in order to move between territories, marry, or visit territories. Magicians are killed the moment they show power but few are smuggled to Sitia; those from the South must be invited in order to enter Ixia or face persecution. There is equality between genders. People from Ixia tend to be lighter skinned. All citizens must follow the Code of Behavior.

The standard colors for shirts, pants, and skirts are black and white, but each Military District has it's own color and minor differences. A cook's uniform is all white with diamonds in the MD's color printed on the side. Red is the Commander's color.

Before the event called the Takeover, Ixia was ruled by a King, who allowed magicians into Ixia (and was one himself), however he was cruel. The Commander hired Valek to assassinate the royal family paving the way for the Commander to take over.

Military District 1Edit

MD-1 is governed by General Kitvivan. He did not want a trade agreement with Sitia. He was involved in an attempt to preserve lives in his MD by using Stormdancers to stop the blizzards from the Northern Ice Sheet

Military District 2Edit

MD-2 is governed by General Chenzo. His district color is tan.

Military District 3Edit

General Franis governs MD-3, and his district wears purple.

Military District 4Edit

MD-4's color is silver, and is governed by General Tesso.

Military District 5Edit

MD-5 is represented by the color green. General Brazell governed there until his downfall, Colonel Ute from MD-3 had been promoted and transferred into his place.

Military District 6Edit

The Commander's castle is in MD-6 as well as Castletown. Despite MD-6 being the location of the Commander's castle only those that worked for him wore red. The official colors of MD-6 is blue, and the rest of the district is governed by General Hazal.

Military District 7Edit

MD-7 is located at the south western most tip of Ixia. Much of it is made up of the snake forest. It is governed by General Rasmussen and his color is yellow.

Military District 8Edit

MD-8 has many sawmills and is run by General Dinno. The official color for this district is orange