Written by the Commander and the generals of the territories of Ixia. The Code of Behavior is a document that contains the punishment and laws of Ixia. It is followed strictly and no one can slip or bribe their way out of a punishment.

Here are segments of it: 

  • The job of the Commander's food taster must be offered to someone who's life is is forfeit. Yelena was the next prisoner in line to be executed so she was offered the job. 
  • Everyone who commits a murder is hanged. There is no excuse for accidental killings or self defense.
  • Anyone with magic must be killed.
  • If someone doesn't wear their assigned uniform, they get two days chained naked in the town's square.
  • If a district planned a big project such as a factory or clearing a land for farming, they had to get permission from the Commander.
    • Smaller projects such as installing an oven in a bakery or building a house only need permission from that district's general.